Emergency drill on board Oceanindo vessel

The purpose of carrying out any kind of drill on the ships is to make the crew acquainted with various procedures to be followed during emergency situations. It is a way to make the ship personnel acquainted with the equipment and methods that are to be used during a crises situation.

Each area of the ship has a different method of approach to deal with during emergency situations. Training with drills in different situations helps to prepare crew members for all types of situations. 

It is the duty of every ship personnel to get himself acquainted with the location of the emergency muster station upon joining the ship. He should also know his duties which are described in the muster list and learn how to use fire fighting appliances.

The training manual, which contains instructions and information regarding life saving appliances and methods of survival, should be provided in each crew mess and recreation room. 

Every new crew member should be given on board training, which explains use of personal life saving appliances and survival crafts (life boats and life rafts), not later than two weeks after joining the ship.

It is important that each and every crew member performs the drill without making any mistake by memorizing his duties and understanding the important of safety of the ship and the people on board.

Abandon Ship Drill

Rescue and First AID Drill

Floding and Spill Oil Drill

Rescue Boat Drill

Fire Drill ( in emergency generator )